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With Xpert Knowledge you will not only learn the subject but also the practicality of how to apply and work in real-time situations.

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Far gone are the days where you have to be physically present in a classroom to study.  Now you can learn at a place where you are comfortable and at the time convenient to you.  Learning made simple and fantastic!

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When you are learning a new subject, you face many hurdles, many doubts linger in your mind, but you can easily overcome those if you are taught by an expert. Experts better understand all the logic involved and transfer the knowledge in an easy way and more importantly practically.

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Easy And Flexible

Xpert Knowledge offers classroom training, online training, and also weekend training including offline videos, what’s more flexible than that.  You can study at a place comfortable to you and even at a time convenient to you.

PHP Developer Scope

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Step By Step To Success

Join Xpert Knowledge work hard, learn, go out confidently and achieve your dream job.
1. What is Online Marketing?

1. What is Online Marketing?

Online marketing is marketing products and services over the internet via desktop, laptop, mobile or any other electronic medium. At Xpert Knowledge you will learn every facet of marketing a product or service online.

4. Foundations of Analytics

4. Foundations of Analytics

At Xpert Knowledge you will learn the foundations of analytics

2. Research Digital Markets

2. Research Digital Markets

You will learn how to research and know the market for product or service.

5. How SEO Works

5. How SEO Works

SEO or Search Engine optimisation is a rapidly growing industry.

3. Starting a Website

3. Starting a Website

You will learn every basic thing from buying a domain name to hosting a website on your own

6. Content Marketing

6. Content Marketing

How to market your content


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What are you waiting for! Start today.

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With Xpert Knowledge you can learn the concepts at your own pace, no need to hurry, and you can always go back to offline videos if you have any doubts.

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You can cancel at any time depending on the days you are into the program.

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Learn on desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile, choice is yours.

Mobile, Tablet or Desktop

Learn as you wish, when you wish, and where you wish.


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Online training is the latest trend in the educational industry and it has its share of benefits.
I studied PHP with Xpert Knowledge and I got into my dream job.
PHP Developer
I am working as a Digital Marketing Executive, thank you Xpert Knowledge.
Digital Marketing Executive
I am now a senior developer. I already knew PHP before joining Xpert Knowledge, but they helped me harness my skills and in no time I got promoted as senior developer in my company.
Senior PHP Developer

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